Natural Rose Quartz Unicorn Carving

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This Natural Rose Quartz Unicorn Carving is a beautifully crafted crystal for those who believe in magic. Rose quartz is a crystal of love and compassion. It is a crystal for all matters of the heart, both emotional and physical. It is a stone that has a gentle energy, making it an ideal stress reliever while also inviting more compassion and kindness into your life. 

The rose quartz hand carved into the symbol of the unicorn makes for a nice addition to your alter, desk, shelf, or night table. Give this unicorn carving as a gift on special occasions. Kids and adults alike love unicorns. Rose quartz is usually a lovely light pink color, but can vary in intensity and hue. 

Unicorns are magnificent and noble creatures that have long enchanted both young and old alike all over the world throughout the ages. They are a symbol of goodness and purity, representing untamed freedom. In many cultures around the world you will find different versions of unicorn myths, with most of them depicting the mystic creature as a white horse with a long horn that extends from the forehead. 

The horn of a unicorn is usually spiralled which makes the light from the sun dance across its body. You will also find unicorns often associated with rainbows, fair maidens and fairies. According to some legends unicorns can only be captured by fair maidens alone in the forest.

Regarding Rose Quartz:

Rose quartz is a popular stone found all around the world that balances the heart with its gentle, yet powerful loving and peaceful energy. This rose coloured stone not only assists in balancing the physical heart but the emotional aspect of ourselves including matters of the heart as well.

Physical Energy Properties: Since rose quartz is connected to the heart, it also aids blood flow and circulation which is essential for overall balance and wellness. Rose quartz can also help balance other areas in the chest such as the lungs. Rose quartz is effective in calming the entire nervous system, reducing stress. It also has a positive effect on the kidneys and adrenal glands. It can even be used to aid in fertility for those trying to conceive.

Emotional Energy Properties: Rose quartz teaches us about unconditional love. Love ourselves and love for other people and beings. It helps us gain acceptance of our perceived flaws and imperfections to realize that we are always worthy of love. Beneficial in times of trauma providing balance on the deepest level. Purifies the heart that is heavy from emotional recovery, grief or sadness. Assists us in expressing our emotions to flow through us and to be patient with ourselves.

Chakras: In our subtle energy body, rose quartz is connected to the heart chakra which is the energy centre representing the heart, emotions and love.

Astrological signs: Rose quartz is connected with Libra and Taurus since both of these signs are all about love and harmony.

History: Rose quartz dates back to 7000 BC in Mesopotamia which is now Iraq. Even back then people believed in the energy balancing properties of this beautiful crystal and used it for various purposes. It was used in potions and elixirs as well as in talismans and jewelry. The Egyptians thought the stone held anti-ageing powers while the Romans used rose quartz to signify ownership. There have even been facial masks with rose quartz in them found in ancient Egyptian tombs and goddess Isis used it to keep her appearance youthful and beautiful. Rose Quartz beads have been found in Iraq which shows that it could have been used in jewelry much like it is today. In Greek mythology, it's said that the blood of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and her lover Adonis fell on the white quartz crystal making it pink. In another tale it's said that Cupid and Eros hoped that the stone would help others find love and peace. In Tibet and China rose quartz has been seen as a symbol of good luck and love since 600 BC.

How to use it: You can wear rose quartz in necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more. Placing rose quartz in your home, specifically on your bedside table is a great idea. You can also put a piece in your pocket, wallet or bag that you carry with you when you go out. To meditate with rose quartz simply hold the rose quartz over your heart in your hand or place it on your heart while lying down to receive it's peaceful, loving energy. Placing rose quartz in your bath is also a wonderful addition to your self-care routine, and you can even infuse your water with rose quartz energy by placing a large piece at the bottom of your water jug and then straining the water out.

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Natural Rose Quartz Unicorn Carving
Natural Rose Quartz Unicorn Carving
Natural Rose Quartz Unicorn Carving
Natural Rose Quartz Unicorn Carving
Natural Rose Quartz Unicorn Carving