Peridot Gemstones in a Bottle

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Regarding Peridot:

Also known as chrysolite or olivine, Peridot is a prismatic crystal that is most commonly green but can also be brown, yellow or red.

Physical Energy Properties: Peridot assists a lot of organs in the body including the spleen, heart, lungs, thymus, gallbladder, pancreas, liver, intestines, and the stomach. It can help with ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome as well as Crohn's disease and detoxification. Can also assist in childbirth and detoxing.

Emotional Energy Properties: Helps lessen sadness, depression, jealousy, anger, and laziness. Also helps reduce feelings of guilt and burdens. Assists in learning how to be your primary source of validation instead of seeking validation externally. Helps move forward and releases negative self-sabotaging behaviours. Shows you how to take responsibility for your life and learn from your mistakes.

Chakras: Like many green crystals and gemstones Peridot is associated with the Heart chakra. It’s also helpful to the Solar Plexus chakra and letting go of the past.

Astrological signs: Connected with Virgo, Leo, Sagittarius and Scorpio.

History: Peridot is actually one of the oldest known gemstones going back as far as 1500 BC. It has roots in Ancient Egypt, and it’s even believed by some that what were thought to be emeralds belonging to Cleopatra were actually peridot gemstones. Found on Topazos Island, it was also first called Topaz before Topaz gemstones were even discovered. Peridot has been mined there for over 3,500 years.

How to use it: Place Peridot on the area of your body over the organ or area that needs energy balance. Wear it in jewelry especially over the throat and the heart or on the fingers.

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Peridot Gemstones in a Bottle
Peridot Gemstones in a Bottle
Peridot Gemstones in a Bottle