Pink Flame Aura Quartz Shards for Jewelry Making

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Create beautiful crystal jewelry or crafts with these vibrant pink flam aura Quartz Crystals. Yes these are REAL quartz stone, which has been treated with the process known as "angel aura".

Size: Each of the crystal beads is 5 inches to 8 inches and varies in size and shape due to the nature of these natural crystals.  

Quantity: A full strand of crystal beans measures about 15.5 inches and includes approximately 60 pieces per strand. 

This vibrant type of Quartz is made by infusing Clear Quartz with different minerals and dyes to achieve this beautiful pink and blue colour that looks a lot like cotton candy. The energy of these crystals includes the energy of Clear Quartz which is known as a Master Crystal because it meets many different needs and can be programmed with any positive intention. The energy of Clear Quartz is very calming and peaceful allowing the wearer or holder to feel a sense of ease. This stone also brings a lot of clarity and the ability to focus with intention. Clear Quartz also amplifies the energy of all the other crystals and provides a positive vibration. It's also great for clearing out negative energy as well.

The addition of the other minerals and the colours added to the Clear Quartz bring in lightness and a sense of joy and fun to these crystals. These Cotton Candy pink and blue crystals can bring in the energy of your inner child and what you enjoy doing for fun. It also helps to bring out creativity and a sense of individuality. The pastel colours also remind us of spring and new beginnings making this stone perfect if you're experiencing life changes.

You can make single pendants out of these stones or you can use one of the stones as the centre bead in the mala. Or you can create a full necklace or even earrings out of these crystals. They are great for meditation, calming anxiety and bringing more joy into your life.


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Pink Flame Aura Quartz Shards for Jewelry Making
Pink Flame Aura Quartz Shards for Jewelry Making
Pink Flame Aura Quartz Shards for Jewelry Making