Raw Iceland Spar Raw Crystals

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One piece of Iceland Spar crystal. Iceland Spar is a clear rhombohedral crystal that shows double refraction. It is associated with all of the chakras. Use this high quality crystal in crystal grids, for setting intentions, to carry, or place on your alter. Lightweight and easy to carry. This beautiful crystal is the perfect addition to any crystal collection. 

Iceland Spar calms the mind. It helps you cope with mind games and lets you see two sides of the argument. It is helpful for those in need of clarity and when learning about the law of attraction and manifestation. It can amplify intent. 

Iceland Spar works to clear and activate all of the chakras. It improves the flow of energy throughout the subtle bodies. Use this crystal in meditation to help improve your perception of the physical world and the self, to create a shift in negative emotions. Use Iceland Spar to clear away negative energy and to help amplify positive energy.


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Raw Iceland Spar Raw Crystals
Raw Iceland Spar Raw Crystals
Raw Iceland Spar Raw Crystals
Raw Iceland Spar Raw Crystals
Raw Iceland Spar Raw Crystals
Raw Iceland Spar Raw Crystals